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Grants = Free Money

Grants are free money and do not have to be repaid. When you complete the Free Application for Federal Student Aid (FAFSA), and are admitted to the University of New Mexico, you will automatically be considered for federal, state, and University grants.

Grant awards are divided into two equal payments for fall term and spring term, unless otherwise noted. All grant award amounts may be pro-rated if you enroll less than full time. Awards are based on your financial need (expected family contribution or EFC), any eligibility criteria specific to the source, and availability of funds. Most of our grants are limited funding and will require that you complete your FAFSA by the January 5 priority date and that you have submitted all additional documentation by February 1.

*Types of Grants Available at UNM

Grants NameSourceMax AwardAward CriteriaApplication Process
Federal Pell GrantFederal$7,395 (2023-24)Have a Pell eligible EFC; Undergraduates only.
No prior degree
Complete a FAFSA
Federal Supplemental Educational Opportunity Grant (SEOG)Federal$4,000Undergraduates only. No prior degree. Lowest
EFC students first.
Complete a FAFSA and meet priority date
State Student Incentive Grant (SSIG)State$2,500Maximum EFC 1500. Undergraduate and NM resident. Cannot also receive UNM 3% Grant.Complete a FAFSA and meet priority date.
UNM 3% GrantUNM$2,500Maximum EFC 1500. Undergraduate and NM resident. Cannot also receive SSIG.Complete a FAFSA and meet priority date.
UNM Grant IIUNM$4,000Undergraduate, no prior degree, lowest EFC awarded first, cannot also receive SEOG.Complete a FAFSA and meet priority date.
Teach GrantFederal**$4,000Grad or Undergrad. Must be in a qualified high need major in College of Education and meet GPA requirements.Complete a FAFSA, complete Agreement to Serve and Pre-Teach Counseling prior to receiving award.

*availability of grant funds, criteria requirements and an applicant's financial need determine awarding; meeting all criteria does not guarantee an award.
**Due to sequestration, Teach Grant maximum annual awards are reduced.

Applying for Grants at UNM:

  1. Complete your FAFSA by UNM’s January 5 priority date. (The Pell Grant does not require that you meet the priority date but you must complete the FAFSA within your enrollment period). Dependent students must provide parental information on the FAFSA in addition to their own information. Parents are also required to sign their dependent student’s FAFSA.
  2. Submit Additional Documentation by February 1 to complete your Financial Aid file. If you have outstanding items to complete your Financial Aid file you will not be awarded, you must complete your file prior to being awarded grants or other type of aid.
  3. Additional steps for Teach Grant: If you are admitted to the College of Education and wish to be considered for the Teach Grant, please inform our office. We will evaluate your eligibility for the Teach Grant based on GPA, major and other criteria. If eligible, we’ll award you and require that you complete the Agreement to Serve and the Pre-Teach Counseling prior to disbursing your Teach Grant.

What to do after you've been awarded:

  1. Modify your awards on Loboweb: Accept or decline any loans or work study you may have been offered. Your gift aid (grants and scholarships – free aid) are automatically accepted for you. If you’d like to edit your award amounts or terms, submit a Financial Aid Change form online. This form can be accessed on our forms page, select the correct aid year and submit online. Grants are automatically accepted for you.
  2. Register for classes on Loboweb: If you will be less than fulltime, let our office know by completing the Loan Enrollment Verification form online. This form can be accessed on our forms page, select the correct aid year and submit online by signing in with your netid and password. Federal Loans require at least halftime enrollment.
  3. Check your charges: Your accepted aid will automatically pay your University charges. Check your UNM Bursar Account Suite on Loboweb, if you owe more than you have in accepted aid you will need to pay UNM before the payment deadline in order to avoid fees. Please note: First time loan borrowers must take additional steps for before their loans will pay.
  4. Receive your refund: You can receive your refund by either signing up for direct deposit which is the most secure and quickest method to receive your refund or you can receive a check by mail. Only if you have a surplus in financial aid after your University charges have been paid will you receive a refund.

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