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Working in college can make a significant contribution toward meeting your college costs. And having a job while in school may help prepare you for life after college, as well.


How do I apply for a Work-Study Award?

Work-study awards are a form of financial aid which provides jobs for undergraduate and graduate students who need help to pay their educational expenses.

  1. Complete the Free Application for Federal Student Aid (FAFSA) by the UNM priority date of January 5. When completing the FAFSA be sure to answer "yes" to question #31 (Are you interested in work-study). This informs our office that you would like to be considered for a work-study award.  
  2. Complete your financial aid file by February 1. This means you must submit any additional documentation being requested of you by this date. If you show financial need, have a complete financial aid file by February 1 and are otherwise eligible for Federal Aid you will be considered for a work-study award.
  3. Apply for a job and start working either on or off campus. The application and interview process is independent of the financial aid office. You apply and interview like any other job, your employer may ask for proof of your work-study award before you are hired. You are paid a bi-weekly paycheck and will not receive the work-study funds in a lump sum nor will the Financial Aid Office apply your paycheck directly to your UNM bill.

Who qualifies for a work-study award?

You may qualify for a work-study award if you: 

  • indicated an interest in work-study employment on your FAFSA;
  • completed your FAFSA by UNM's January 5 priority deadline;
  • qualify for need-based aid which is determined by your FAFSA results;
  • are enrolled at least half time

note: if you do not qualify for a work-study award you can still work on-campus through student employment.

How do I get a job?

For Work Study Employment: Once you have received a work-study award, you can search for jobs on the Student Employment Jobs website. To know whether you have received a work-study award you can check your financial aid file on LoboWeb.

Federal and State work-study jobs can be on or off campus.  If you are interested in working for a nonprofit organization or a public agency, please contact the Student Employment Office.  Jobs with nonprofit organizations must be community service oriented.

For Student Employment Jobs: these are jobs that do not require a financial aid work-study award but are still flexible jobs found on or off campus. You can apply for a student employment job at You will need to make sure the jobs you apply for do not require work-study if you have not received a work-study award. Complete the application as directed and if selected the hiring manager will contact you for an interview.

How will I be paid?

Students with a Work Study or Student Employment jobs are placed on the University of New Mexico payroll and are paid every two weeks through direct deposit to their bank account. Work-study funds or Student Employment wages  are never applied directly to a student's bill. You receive a paycheck for working a job and can use these funds to help offset your costs.


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