UNM Application for State Aid

Why and how do I complete the UNM Application for State Aid?

What is the UNM Application for State Aid?

The UNM Application for State Aid application provides Financial Aid is for admitted students who are non-citizens. At UNM the application was formerly referred to as the Manual FAFSA. In 2005 the State of New Mexico established a law referred to as SB-582. This law prohibits the denial of admission or eligibility for education benefits based on immigration status. SB-582 allows in-state tuition rates as well as state funding such as the lottery scholarship.

How can I complete the UNM Application for State Aid?

Section 1 & 2- Required of all applicants, complete based on students information. Will need tax information if applicable.

Section 3- Parental Information, Required by all dependent students. (Dependent students are under the age of 24, do not have children and are not married.) Will need parent’s federal tax information to complete this section. You DO NOT need to submit a copy of federal taxes.

Signatures are required of the student and parent (if applicable)

For additional help contact UNM Financial Aid, El Centro De La Raza or the International Admissions/Global Education Office

Go to 23-24 FormSolicitud de Apoyo Financiero Estatal

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