Cost of Attendance -- How it influences Financial Aid packaging (awarding)

  • What adjustments can I make to my COA? - Please note that adjustments to COA do not always result in an increase in aid.
  • What if I’m studying abroad? –information on requesting an increase in COA and how your Financial Aid can be used to pay for your program costs.
  • What if my Expected Family Contribution (EFC) does not reflect my household’s ability to pay?
    • In certain "special circumstances" the Financial Aid Office has the ability to consider changes to a student's (and family's) financial situation. If you have had significant changes in your financial or household situation since your last tax reporting year, you can petition to the Financial Aid Office to have this situation considered. For more information on this process, click here. It is important to note that this is a petition and is subject to approval by a Financial Aid officer, it may or may not result in a change in eligibility.
    • Changes in income or family situation: If you or your family have experienced a significant change in your financial situation or a change in your family size that is not reflected on the prior tax year used on the FAFSA you may submit a Special Circumstance Petition in order to have the new situation considered for the current school year. You should review the Petition form carefully to see if your situation is something the Financial Aid Office can consider in order to recalculate your financial aid eligibility. Complete the dependent form if you were required to provide your parental information on your FAFSA or the independent form if you were not required to provide parental information on your FAFSA.

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